Last night, I docked my Hurricane in Hek and decided to buy and fit a Wolf hull I’d picked up cheaply on a buy order in Klogori a while back.

I flew back thru lowsec with cargo full of T2 gear and ammo. Uneventful, aside from unlooted wrecks on every gate. I took advantage of that situation, picked up a couple of corpses, and made my way to Klogori.

The Wolf got an insanely easy Rifter kill and pod.

He actually aggressed me on a belt, and I toyed with him a bit to test a few aspects of the Wolf. It was mildly fun. I’m not sure why I popped the pod - I knew a toon that young had no implants. I did want to test the pod-lock time on the Wolf fit…

My sec dropped from -3.0 to -4.15. Meh.

I decided to roam over towards Egghelende as there is always some action to be found along that Hek to Jel corridor.

Long story short, before I could find any player action, I got jumped by a Sansha gate camp, webbed and pointed to death, and lost my new Wolf. Those NPCs were as fast as any Arazu + Rapier super sebo scouted camp I’ve ever seen, and I couldn’t make it back to the gate or align out before getting popped.

Hilarious and embarrassing all at once. At least the Sansha don’t post kill mails.

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